Why Hudl Can't Cut It for Your Whole School


Film study isn’t just for football. As an athletic director, you have a whole legion of teams to accommodate. If only one or two sports are getting the proper resources they need when it comes to the film room, how can you say you’ve built a successful athletics program?

This is the main reason why coaches are switching to Krossover from Hudl. They understand the value of providing top-notch technology to benefit the entire athletic department and those other coaches who work tirelessly to build great teams.

When we ask our athletic directors what ultimately led to them making the switch, here are the reasons they cited most often.

Krossover helps every sport

Hudl is a product developed for football programs, it doesn’t meet the needs of every sport. They only offer analysis for football and basketball, while we do football, basketball as well as soccer, hockey, volleyball, and lacrosse. Our free Film Room product services every other sport.

Do more competitively with Krossover

Hudl does nothing to provide a competitive edge for your teams. Many teams used Hudl to swap film and do basic clipping of their games, but this isn't any different from what every other team in your conference is already doing. 

Krossover provides an elite level of insight into your performance and can provide in-depth analysis of opponent tendencies. By going way beyond the status quo of video breakdown, Krossover brings a proven advantage to your athletic department.

Coach attraction AND retention

Krossover attracts and retains top coaching talent to your school. Athletic Departments that have Krossover are demonstrating that they have a willingness to invest in the success of their coaches and teams, value their coaches' time, and have the objective to grow the reputation and success of their entire athletic program.

Get value for what you pay for

Hudl charges you extra for more teams and more storage. Krossover offers its Film Room product for clipping, storing, and exchanging film for free. We only charge for teams that purchase our advanced breakdowns, and we never charge you for extra storage.

Use what the nation’s top coaches use- Hudl might be big on the high school football scene, but Krossover is used across multiple sports by professional teams, D1 champions, top high school programs, and even international organizations.

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