Krossover Has Joined the Hudl Family

We've found a new home! We're joining Hudl to provide teams faster, even higher quality breakdowns.

Today, we’re excited to announce Krossover has joined the Hudl family. For the past decade, Hudl has set the standard and pushed the entire coaching, analysis and recruiting landscape forward. Krossover customers can be confident they're in good hands. They'll be partnering with a company that has a bold, long-term vision for the future of video and data.

The demands of teams have increased. They need higher quality video, faster breakdowns, in-game insights and more exposure for athletes. These are all areas Hudl is investing in aggressively and why we believe Hudl is a great long-term home for Krossover customers.

What are the benefits for Krossover customers?

Quicker Breakdowns

With the extra firepower provided by Krossover’s community of analysts, Hudl will break down more than one million games this year. Customers will enjoy faster turnaround times and high-quality breakdowns.

Easier Exchange with Opponents and Recruiters

With more than 150,000 teams already using Hudl, Krossover customers will get access to the largest network of game and recruitment video. More teams using the same platform means exchanging video with opponents will be easier than ever.

Ongoing Product Enhancements and Innovation

Hudl constantly invests in technology that makes it easy to access, analyze and share video. You'll see regular updates to data and reporting tools across multiple sports. Hudl also offers mobile app recording, in-game replay and smart cameras with live‑streaming.

Access to Hudl’s World-Class Support Team

Customers recognize that Hudl support is one of the key benefits of partnering with Hudl. Headquartered in the U.S., Hudl offers friendly support via email, chat and phone. Highly trained in sports and technology, each team member provides quick answers and expert advice.

How will Krossover athletes benefit?

Hudl offers a robust, tailored experience for athletes that's included free with every subscription. Take charge of your athlete journey today with:

Athlete Profiles

Every team and athlete has a dedicated profile to tell their unique story. Share your athletic journey with friends, family and recruiters.

Tools to Win

Take advantage of special effects, music, title cards and more to get noticed by the college and pro teams that rely on Hudl to find talent. Hudl has helped drive 1 billion highlight video views for its athletes.

Auto-Generated Highlights

Had a standout individual performance? Athletes can get auto-generated highlights delivered right to their inbox.

Level Up Anytime, Anywhere

With top-ranked mobile apps on iOS and Android, it’s easy for athletes to improve on-the-go and for the whole team to stay connected.

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