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Film study is increasingly important in the soccer world. In the past, coaches have relied on pure instinct when it comes to decision-making, due to the fluid nature of the game. Now, Krossover has created a new soccer game breakdown product to give coaches a statistical way to break down all 90 minutes. It’s not just goals and assists either.

Take a look at what a few coaches said they track during games, and see how they relate to our Krossover soccer product.

Defensive Positioning

Soccer is a game of positioning. Whether it’s a set piece, free kick, or you’re a defender trying to get the offense offsides, you’re always figuring out some sort of positioning tactic. Before Krossover, a coach had to hit fast forward and rewind constantly when breaking down film, taking valuable scouting time away. Our product allows coaches to analyze their team’s positioning versus the opposition, where their players were on free kicks and set pieces, and how effective a defensive player was on drawing a player offsides. Coaches can filter through these positions and see in real time the results of their players in various positions, enabling them to create a more effective strategy.

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Player Productivity

We all know if a player scores tons of goals and assists, or if a goalie has consistent clean sheets, that they are known as a productive player. But what about the other players on the field? How do you judge them?

Krossover Soccer has included Player ID’s, an easy way to determine a player’s productivity over 90 minutes.

With Player ID’s, coaches are able to answer the question “if my left back didn’t have a goal or assist, what else did he do?” This allows coaches to truly decode the productivity of the rest of the players on the field.

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Where Events Occur During the Game

Where do players get their shots from? It’s a question all coaches wonder, especially in the 18-yard box, or T-Zone. In fact, 80 percent of all goals are scored in the T-Zone.

Krossover’s soccer breakdown contains an interactive shot chart that gives coaches an entire view of the action. Not only that, but coaches can click within the shot charts to obtain live video of various goals in question.

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Soccer Coaches:

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