Tips and Advice for Volleyball Coaches

Labor Day Weekend is just hours away, which means most schools are back in session, or gearing up to start. At the very least, back-to-school shopping is in full swing. Volleyball is one of the first fall sports to start, as coaches prepare for both tryouts and preseason tournaments. Here are six tips for coaches as they begin the school year.
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Always have a goal for your drills

Many coaches say the best way to keep your players motivated and focused is by keeping the practice “game-like” – keep scores for everything in your drills, and make all consequences team-based consequences in practice. That way, players will have a feel for pressure coming into the games, and it won’t feel any different!

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Use what works

The old adage applies here - fire up a player and he or she will play well for a day, but teach them how to fire themselves up and they’ll play well for a lifetime. Know who to coddle and who to ride - if you don’t teach them self-motivation, what will happen once they play in college? However, don’t push a player past their breaking point, which leads us to...


This isn’t SAT prep, it’s sports. Sports are supposed to be fun. Sometimes it’s good during the season to break up the practice monotony and lighten up.

Teach life through sports

While volleyball is is supposed to be fun, there are plenty of situations where you can teach life lessons, like how to overcome adversity and failure, or how to push themselves beyond their limits.

Keep the basics sharp

If players don’t master the basics, then how are they supposed to master advanced techniques and formations? Set aside time every practice for the fundamentals. Players may hate it, but practicing serve-receive for twenty minutes per practice keeps the simple skills sharp and develops good habits in players for a lifetime.

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