Krossover Guest Speakers: Yanni Hufnagel

Jan 28, 2014
Last Monday, we were proud to welcome the first of many guest speakers to our office, as part of a planned monthly speaker series. Coaches and other sports personalities will come in to convey insight and wisdom to our team.
Our first guest was Vanderbilt Assistant Coach, Yanni Hufnagel. In a few years, we expect Coach Hufnagel to be a household name in college basketball. If you don't already know who he is, you can check out this profile . Hufnagel has recently moved to Vanderbilt, where he is one of the hottest young coaching prospects in the sport. From the start of his talk, Hufnagel's energy and passion for what he does permeated throughout the room. It was easy to see why he has a reputation for being a fantastic NCAA recruiter. Hufnagel shared some of the secrets to his recruiting success, and even told a story about his biggest recruiting loss - a tale that shed light on what can be learned from experiencing a hardship or setback.
Hufnagel challenged the members of the Krossover team to strive to "win the day," by first controlling what you can and then by bringing energy and enthusiasm to your work. He emphasized the importance of building your brand and being true to it - both as an individual and as a company. He also shared some of his own ideas about how the Krossover product could be enhanced, and stressed the importance of being adaptable and nimble as the company grows.
Coach Yanni's visit to the office was significant for a couple of reasons. Having the privilege to hear an awesome speaker during the middle of a work day helped provide inspiration and produced a buzz of excitement in the office. More importantly, having an experienced coach speak to the team in person connected the work we do here to something tangible.
Much like Coach Hufnagel, we want to be better than anyone else at what we do. That kind of passion motivates us to keep raising the bar, and to get better every day.
P.S. Yanni, we will be taking you up on your ticket offer in the near future! You can follow Coach Hufnagel on Twitter and Instagram @yhufnagel Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 1.45.59 PM

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