Krossover Football Saves Coaches Time Over Hudl

How Coach Chris Reynolds was able to streamline his process and make better use of his prep time by using Krossover instead of Hudl.

Today we bring you the story of Chris Reynolds, the head coach at Barbour County's football program in Alabama. Coach Reynolds was able to save time and get better insight than his old process using Hudl.

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Greatly improved play

On the opening Saturday morning of college football, Coach Chris Reynolds isn’t getting ready to watch film, or even GameDay, where he hopes to see his beloved Miami Hurricanes in action. He has better things in mind, like going to see two of his former players square off, in a game that pits West Alabama against Spillman. Reynolds has a daunting task ahead of him – he’s the second-year coach of Barbour County’s High School football team who didn’t win a game his first year at the helm.

Reynolds was a baseball player first at Alabama State – he played four years in centerfield in addition to playing defensive back on the Hornet secondary.  After graduation, he happened upon coaching, where he coached the Barbour County High School baseball team and the wide receivers for the football team, until the baseball team was eliminated. In 2008, he was promoted to Defensive Coordinator, and the team won its first regional championship.

While the team has started this season out 0-3, Coach Reynolds has seen some greatly improved play. It’s no surprise then that Coach Reynolds is a new user of Krossover.

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Too good to be true

“I used Hudl for a bit and got real good at using it,” Renyolds said. “Then I got an email out of the blue and thought this was too good to be true, and it must be a scam since most of the people I knew who used Krossover were up north.”

“Pat (Krossover sales manager) said, ‘Coach, we will take care of you’ and gave me a free trial. It was great because it really breaks down where a team likes to run, who they like to throw to – it really gets the meat of a breakdown.”

Unlimited storage

Reynolds noted one of the biggest differences for him was the amount of storage, as he loves to record his practices.

“I had to pay for more storage on Hudl, but I could record as many practices as I wanted on Krossover since I had unlimited storage”.

What Coach Reynolds really found beneficial on Krossover was the telestration tool.

“I told Pat, ‘I need something to draw!’ and Krossover came through again”, Reynolds said.

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It's so much easier

He remarked that players were shocked at first – they would get into the film room and see a bunch of yellow marks on the screen. One even told the coach, “You guys really put us on notice.”

Coach Reynolds has seen a lot more players watching film on their own even one month after switching to Krossover.

“It's so much easier – I found that we went to the red zone three times and didn’t score. With Hudl, I would’ve had to put that information in myself.  Same with catches by different players – I didn’t have to mark that myself either.”

“Krossover makes watching film so much easier.”

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