Krossover Football: The Power Of The Highlight Reel


It’s summertime. As an athlete, maybe you’re taking a bit of a break, and not thinking about school or the upcoming season. 

But your future coaches are. While everyone else is out on the lake, they’re cooped up in their offices, trying to find the next impact player.

Will they find you? Not if your highlight reel isn’t good. We asked David Stenklyft, Director of Recruiting for the University of North Texas football team, what should be going in your highlight video. 

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Wow 'em early

You should start out your football highlight reel with a bang - an explosive throw or catch. From there, mix it up with some blocking, or even basic route running situations, to show coaches you have the fundamentals down. But there should be more in your reel. 

You’re a receiver who can catch? Great. But can you run-block or perform other functions that help make a play successful when you aren’t the target of the ball? Put that in your highlight reel too. 

If you’re on the O-line, show all your movements on the line, from run-blocking and pass-blocking to general agility. 

End the reel by showcasing your social media feeds, so coaches can take a look at the athlete beyond the highlight reel, and determine whether you’ve got good enough character to be extended an offer.

Have Multiple Games in Your Reel 

The North Texas staff has to watch a MINIMUM of three games before a coordinator gives them the go-ahead on a recruit. Make their jobs easier by featuring highlights from multiple games… and implore your coach to send over at least four good game tapes (highlight you of course.) 


Your highlights should look as clean as this video:

Krossover Football has all the tools needed to pave the way for athletes to play at the next level. All athletes and staff members have access to Krossover’s extensive video breakdowns on desktop and mobile, allowing them to create, edit, and share highlight reels on the run. Follow this checklist to get recruited for college football with Krossover:

College Football Lacesfootball playerFootball FieldFilmYouTubeMusic College Football Laces  

- Select your full games: You heard it, college coaches need raw film. Pick at least 3 full games to share with coaches.

- Select your highlights: Filter by player and event in our video breakdown with a click of a button.

- Captivate your audience with one or two opening clips, like a big throw or catch.

- Fill the middle of the reel with fundamentally-sound plays, including offense, defense, catching, passing, and running.

- Add media: Add your personal touch with some music and an ending graphic with your name, position, class, school and contact information.

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