Interactive Heat Maps And Charts For Soccer Coaches


For the 2017 soccer season, Krossover teams will have access to our shot charts and data visualizations. With Insights, your soccer team will have access to a program that helps track team strengths and useful trends throughout the season. Not to mention exploiting opponents' tendencies all season long. Today we will take a look at some of the ways your team can use Insights in your Krossover account this season.

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Soccer Shot
Where Is My Team Shooting Effectively? 

You can create a dynamic visual representation of your team's shooting data with a simple click of a button on Krossover Insights. When you drag your mouse over a specific player, you’re able to see how effectively they shoot on goal. 

1owjow.gifYou can filter by game, period, or specific player. Not only that, but Krossover Insights allows coaches to see how the shot was assisted (pass or cross), who assisted the shot on goal, and whether or not the ball was headed in. 

1owjxh.gifWith these new stats from Insights, coaches can truly go beyond the norm to see the effectiveness of their team’s attack. 


Soccer scoring
How Are We (Or Our Opponents) Creating Scoring Opportunities?

You’ve seen where you can score from, but how do you create those opportunities? Krossover Insights' heat maps show visualizations of all key passes and crosses for both you and your opponent. Not only that, but you’re able to see the results of these passes- whether they translated into shots, goals, or missed opportunities. 

1owlmi.gifYou can also see how these crosses were set up- be it from a free kick, or a pass in-play, giving you a way to determine how well your team is passing throughout a game or a season. 


Add Any Group of Shots to a Highlight Reel

Simply select the shots you want to watch and click "Create Reel" to save them to a playlist for later viewing.


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