Creating Team Culture Within Your Volleyball Program


Sometimes it’s tough to keep a focus on the season when you’re months away. While team tactics might be tough to work on in the spring and summer, there are plenty of ways you can build culture, as well as keep the skills sharp of all the athletes on your roster. 

Championship coaches use several tactics in order to build their team in the offseason. We featured San Antonio Churchill coach Joanna Hultgren before, and today we’re going to focus on how she teaches individual and team volleyball skills in the offseason.

Individual Volleyball Skills

How do we improve? 

We determine what skills to work on in the off-season. This year, we wanted to improve our setting, so we had a "setting school." It consisted of 6 days of footwork, setting accuracy and consistency, as well as offensive tempo. Our setters worked on weights two mornings per week and worked on setting with me during the athletic period while their teammates were lifting.

Additionally, we wanted our middles to get more involved in the offense, so we worked on middle footwork, identification and timing with our setters.

Finally, we have a lot of height, so we want to develop a blocking presence on the court. We are focused on blocking footwork, identification, and technique.

Team Volleyball Skills

We also focused on total team skills, like the following:


Serve-Receive: First Ball Side Out

VB Defense

All out defensive: How aggressive can we get? 

VB Transition

Transition: How quickly can we get into it? How available are we? 

VB Decision Making

Decision making and running the offense: Balancing overall aggressiveness 

VB Key

One of our biggest keys is fueling the competition: We score everything and post the results! 

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