Costs Associated with Basketball Game Film


So you're looking into purchasing game film technology for your basketball team? That's a great step towards coaching a smarter, more efficient group of players - but don't let it break the bank. Many of the services out there have hidden costs that can quickly sneak up on you. Here's what to consider when calculating your total cost of ownership for a game film platform.

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Are breakdowns included or are they an add-on to your package?

That quote you got from another service might look great on the surface, but when you add it on to what you’re already paying for the software, things get expensive. Most companies charge you a fee to use their platform to break down film yourself, then let you purchase full-service breakdowns for an additional fee.

At Krossover, it’s completely free to break down your own film. You only pay for games you want broken down by our analysts.

It’s important to add up the entire cost of your plan and divide it by the amount of breakdowns you receive, in order to figure out your true average cost per game.

Do you need to pay professional video editors to make recruiting reels?

One of the best parts about having your game film broken down is being able to make highlight reels quickly. When a player comes to you for help with a recruiting reel, you can easily filter out their best clips. When it’s time to put together a video for that end-of-the-year banquet, it’s a breeze to pick out your best moments from the season.

But with some services out there, it’s not so easy to then turn those clips into professional-quality highlights - complete with music, graphics, and transitions. Many coaches end up paying high hourly rate for a video editor to do the work. Or they’ll shell out hundreds of dollars for a software like Final Cut and try to do the work themselves.

With Krossover Custom Highlights, you can order pro-quality reels that highlight your team or players for as little as $10. The best part is that they’ll be delivered to your inbox within the hour. Factoring in the time and money you’ll save on highlights is important when weighing your options.

Do you need to pay extra for more storage?

Most services out there will let you store all of your own games from a particular season on their platform without hitting you with an up-charge. But what if you want to store practice film, scrimmages, weight room sessions, or the raw, unbroken down footage of one of your upcoming opponents?  

Those extra gigs will cost you with some of the other guys, as most do not allow you to stray from your schedule when storing games. With Krossover, you can store multiple seasons worth of your own games, and as much raw footage as you want. Those practice videos and scouting games will never cost you extra - and we won’t delete your film when the season ends.

Do you need to pay extra to exchange film with other coaches?

Some services can charge as much as $400 just for a basic plan that simply allows you to swap film with other coaches, and doesn’t provide any sort of breakdown or analysis. Others allow you to exchange, but only with people who use the same service.

Krossover allows sharing with anyone, so you don’t need to pay for another service. Again, you only pay for the games you want broken down - so if you just need to send raw, unbroken down footage to another coach, you can use Krossover free of charge.

Krossover’s mobile apps allow you to share, exchange, and view your game film from any location - and you don’t need to be on a paid plan to use them. All of your athletes get free access as well.

Before you purchase game film technology, be sure that the cost of your package includes easy, unrestricted sharing. You don’t want to end up paying an arm and a leg, only to have a library of video that no one can watch.

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