How to Win More Lacrosse Games

We break down and analyze thousands of lacrosse games every season, tracking over 60 statistical categories along the way. One great thing about having so many lacrosse teams using the Krossover system is that we get a lot of data to analyze. Since we’re completely obsessed with giving our coaches an advantage out on the field, we crunched the numbers and came up with the following tips for winning more lacrosse games. Use them to coach smarter this season.

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Score 10 Goals

Teams that score 10 or more goals in a game will win 87% of the time. Scoring just one fewer goal can lower win expectancy by almost 17%.

Shoot Better than 38%

Teams won three out of every four games in which they finished with a shooting percentage better than .380.

Force Your Opponent to Take Bad Shots

Teams that held their opponents below a .250 shooting percentage won 63% of the time.

Win 55% of Your Faceoffs

Winning just a small majority of your faceoffs will yield a 76% chance of winning a game.

Force 12 Turnovers

When their opponents committed more than 12 turnovers, teams won 64% of the time.

Hold Onto the Ball

Teams that turned the ball over less than 12 times in a game went on to win 61% of the time.

Use Krossover

The numbers don't lie! Krossover teams boasted an overall win percentage of .595, took home 45 high school state titles, 30 collegiate conference crowns, and 2 NCAA national championships (Denver and Limestone). We also helped losing teams move their program in the right direction, as 73% of teams who were under .500 before they switched to us were able to improve their record in their very first season with Krossover.

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