Krossover for NBA Teams

Krossover will supplement your Draft Prep by providing archived college and high school game film, running custom analytics on your prospects, and providing valuable player evaluation tools that will help you make a more informed decision!

Krossover Pre-Draft Analysis

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    Player Comparison Data
    Krossover lets you pick exactly the games and the players you want to analyze, so you're in complete control of creating athlete profiles and comparisons.
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    Customizable Data
    You ask the questions and we'll crunch the numbers! Our data is normalized, easy to export, and independently verified to ensure accuracy.
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    Extensive Video Library
    Tap into the largest library of amateur basketball video and data in the world. Includes historical high school, college, and international game film.
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    Instant, Easy Access
    Access stats and video from any PC or mobile device, and share everything with the rest of your staff with just a few clicks of a button.

NBA Draft Packages Start at $2500

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Package options include:
  • Broken down film from your prospects' college and high school games
  • Access to thousands of games in our basketball film library
  • Custom analytics and statistical reports
  • Personalized updates and alerts on the players you're watching

Game Breakdowns

We tag every game with player and event information, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Missed and Made Shots - Dunks, Jumpers, Layups, 3-Pointers,Tip in
  • Fouls - Defensive, Loose Ball, Offensive, Shooting, Technical
  • Setups - Play Drive Left, Drive Right, Fastbreak, Halfcourt
  • Custom Tags available by user or Krossover to create

Get More Insight

Krossover’s technology enables users to interact with video and analytics in a variety of ways.

  • Video can be downloaded or shared within Krossover or to any external recipient.
  • Users can add custom tags of players / plays with the simple click of a button.
  • Includes shot charts and data visualizations directly linked to video

Let us crunch the numbers for you!

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Custom Analytics:
  • Teams can request specific analytics for Krossover to provide from our video library.
  • Teams can request NBA or college games for Krossover to analyze.
  • Analytics can be provided on a player or group of players selected by the team.

Basketball Video Library

Access our over 100,000 archived videos from high school, college, and international games. Every game has been completely clipped and tagged with player and event information, so you can search for exactly who and what you want to see. Tap into the largest database of amateur basketball stats and film in the world!

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Test Perceptual Abilities

Pro teams are now using Krossover's sIQ application to test an athlete's decision-making skills. See how well your draft prospects can read a play and predict what happens next. We'll build a custom test based on your team's needs, but you can try out the consumer version by downloading the app here!

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