Krossover Insights

We now provide an even more advanced way to visualize performance data over the course of the season! Just like the rest of our breakdown features, all you need to do is upload your game film and leave the rest to us! It's just one more way that Krossover helps you Coach Smarter.

Basketball Insights

Shooting data has never been this in-depth or easy to digest. Analyze strengths, weaknesses, and trends at the team or player level. Don't forget to scout upcoming opponents, too!

  • View NBA-style hex bin shot charts that easily resonate with players and coaches. Measure performance in the paint, beyond the arc, or anywhere in between.
  • Get as specific as you’d like, with search queries for fourth quarter shots, shots in transition, or shots against conference opponents only.
  • Points above expectation: Compare your team’s performance to the expected value of the shot locations they select.

Lacrosse Insights

Get interactive shot charts, graphs, and other helpful ways to visualize team performance. Organize and present your shot performance data so that you can make the adjustments you need to be more efficient.

  • Create custom shot charts for any location on the field.
  • Generate reports for specific players, games, or opponents.
  • Quickly look at scenarios like man-up situations, or filter by goals, saves, blocks, and misses.

Football Insights

Interactive tendency reports and charts make preparing for your opponent's game plan easier, while giving you a higher level of visual analysis than ever before.

  • View detailed percentages on the volume of passes that went a particular distance, as well as the completion percentage from specific areas.
  • Dive deeper into an opponent’s offensive line, in order to find out who the running back ran off of to get his yards.
  • Filter by down, distance, hash, and formation - in order to game plan more effectively and adjust your formations to stop a big play before it happens.

Volleyball Insights

Advanced data visualizations like heat maps and other interactive charts that will help you evaluate the tendencies and hitting efficiencies for your team and your opponents.

  • Show the volume of shots going to any region of the floor. Filter the data by multiple dimensions including player, opponent, attack result, and location.
  • Filter shot chart data by rotation or opponent rotation, in order to view trends and hitting efficiency in specific rotations.
  • View data for attack start or finishing position. Combine as many dimensions as required to discover trends and tendencies on the fly.

More Wins, More Insights

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    Insights are calculated and displayed straight from your Krossover breakdown, so all you need to do to dive in is upload your game film.
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    Got several games' worth of video on an upcoming opponent? Easily combine data from multiple scout films into one report.
  • icon_seacrh
    Layer filters on top of each other to create multi-dimensional reports that show exactly the players, locations, and situations you want to analyze.
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    Putting Insights on display when meeting with your team, staff, or individual players is bound to make your game plan more engaging.


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  • Your games completely clipped and tagged for you
  • Advanced filtering and search tools
  • Stats and analytics for your team and players
  • Mobile apps for Apple and Android
  • Telestrations, notes, and highlight reels
  • Unlimited video storage