Hold Better, Faster Film Sessions

  • cut trim icon
    Cut up your film any way you want, creating useful clips that will help you analyze critical moments in the game.
  • tag label filter icon
    Label your clips with your own terminology, so you can quickly search anything you want to watch.
  • Telestrations
    Draw it up and break it down with our telestration tools that allow you to add your own instructional notes.
  • teach watch session label
    Conduct more efficient film sessions with your players by being able to call up exactly the clips you want - fast!

PVCA Teams - Sign Up for Film Room Here

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You'll now be able to:
  • Trim and tag clips with our easy-to-use film session tools.
  • Add notes and telestrations to your game film.
  • Permanent storage for all of your games
  • Share film with anyone, even if they aren’t on Krossover.
  • Purchase full-service breakdowns from Krossover at a discount.
  • Mobile access for Apple and Android users.

How does sharing and exchange work?

We make it quick and painless to share game film with anyone - even if they aren’t on Krossover. You can fire off videos to your entire coaching staff, individual athletes, parents, media members, recruiters, and alumni. Film Room is also a hassle-free platform for swapping scout film with the opposition.

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