What You Can Do In the Summer To Prepare For Volleyball Season


Summer is fast approaching for everyone, and that means volleyball season is around the corner. What? Yep, tournaments will be starting in August, so as a coach, you really only have two months to get ready for the season. A lack of preparedness can cost you valuable wins in the early going, which is why the summer is key for setting your team up for success. Here’s what you can do in the summer to prepare for the upcoming volleyball season. 

Go To Clinics

The best way to gain more knowledge as a coach is to go to clinics. Plenty of high school regions and schools host clinics for coaches to network and knowledge share. As a coach, it can benefit you to go to a conference and learn about the latest in injury prevention, offensive strategy, or rules developments in volleyball. Plus, if you bring your assistants along, it can serve them well to network with athletic directors who might have positions open in the future. 

Set Up Summer Workout Schedules for Your Players

If you’re a college program, you’re a little restricted by the NCAA on practice scheduling, but if you coach high school, you can do a few things to get your kids a leg up on the competition. Hold a voluntary workout on campus (maybe on the track, or a football practice field) focused on strength and conditioning that will keep your players’ heart rates up. Those players that go will see measurable results when they get back on campus. Those that don’t? They might have some catching up to do. 

Mentally Recharge

This isn’t enunciated enough- coaches need breaks. In order for you to be fully recharged, you need to take at least a week to rest your brain, and not think about anything coaching-related. It might be hard to do, but you’ll find coaching to be a lot easier after that mental break. Go to the beach, the city, or just stay in your house and do nothing but Netflix. 

Watch Some Film, and Study your Game Breakdown Options 

Hey, you aren’t teaching in the summer, so you’ve got some time to kill. How’s your game film software looking? Is it constantly updating? Are you getting stats beyond the game? If not, summertime is the perfect time to start getting your game film breakdown software in order, and why not start by signing up for Krossover. Get a full-service breakdown including specific rotations, service errors, kills and attacks, hitting percentages, all while using our telestration tool and passing those notes onto your players to keep them from falling into the summer slide.

Don’t wait, sign up today! 

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