Using Krossover Football to Get a Scouting Edge

How Krossover Football helps coaches have more efficient meetings, streamlines the game film process week-to-week, and gives teams an edge on Friday night.

“All coaches know that as soon as Monday hits, it becomes a race to see how much you can get completed before that Friday,” says Tarig Holman, head coach of Randolph High School (NJ), in this interview.

Well, at Krossover we’re all about helping football coaches win that race. We do all of tedious cutups, complete with comprehensive ODK and scouting reports, for you – so you can have more efficient meetings and get right to the stuff that really matters. Every coach has 24 hours in a day to prepare, and it’s our firm belief that the teams who can figure out how to use that time most productively are going to be better off on the field.

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