Stats For Hockey Coaches To Consider


As a hockey coach, you are always tinkering. Adjusting your lines, special teams' strategies and finding the right goalie to stick between the pipes. One of the biggest ways coaches figure out who to use, and what schemes to implement are through statistics. But what are the best statistics that you can use to most effectively help your team? Today we'll break down three key stats that you can find in Krossover's platform: breakouts, true shooting percentage, and shots through percentage. Sign up today to take advantage of these stats that could take your team to the next level. 

Breakouts [Game Stats - Team Stats, Team Analytics - Game Log]

What is it?

Successful Breakouts - Breakout Attempts

Why it matters?

Effectively clearing the defensive zone is one of the keys to winning hockey games. Successful breakouts not only eliminate the threat of your opponent scoring, but they also serve as the basis for your own team’s attack. Conversely, causing turnovers during an opponent’s breakout will usually lead to an ensuing scoring chance for your team. In short, winning the breakout battle will almost always result in your team having the edge in scoring chances.   

True Shooting Percentage (TS%) [Team Analytics - Roster Overview, Player Analytics - Game Log]

What is it?

The percentage of all shot attempts (including missed and blocked shots) that result in a goal

Why it matters?

While shooting percentage (Sh%) has long been the traditional scoring efficiency metric in hockey analytics, it neglects to account for all shot attempts taken by a player, counting only those which happen to make it on net. However true shooting percentage (TS%), which includes missed and blocked shots, paints a clearer picture of how effectively a player is converting opportunities into goals.   

Shots Through Percentage [Game Stats - Shooting]

What is it?

The percentage of total shot attempts that were on goal

Why it matters?

Shots through percentage, also known as ‘on net percentage,' is an excellent measure of shot quality. It can be argued that blocked or missed shots are more likely to result in play turning the other way, whereas shots on goal, besides the obvious fact of having a chance of going in, keep play deep in the offensive zone, extending a team’s attack. While volume shooters often get credit for their high goal totals, they may, in fact, be a hindrance to their team, often opting for a poor shot when making a pass or holding the puck might be the smarter play.

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