Soccer Team Building


Practice can get pretty tiring for your players at times. If you’re doing drills and scrimmages all day, your players can sometimes lose focus. That’s why it’s so important to create some team building activities that bring a little levity to that grueling time before the soccer season starts. Here are some team building activities from the college ranks that your team can run before the season starts. 

Soccer Volleyball

Who says you can’t integrate one sport into another? In this drill, you’ll have to get permission from the volleyball coach. But once you do, you’ll quickly turn the volleyball court into your own personal playground. The rules are simple: no hands, and once the ball touches the ground, it’s a point for the other team. It’s a great way to practice ball control and the importance of being precise with your passes under pressure. 

Blindfold Balls 

This activity is simple. Separate your athletes into four teams, and within each of those teams, one person is blindfolded. Here’s the catch- the blindfolded players must put the ball in the net. Doesn’t sound too easy, does it? 


So this drill doesn’t exactly involve a soccer ball but you do use a little bit of soccer skill in this game. Your players will be divided into separate teams and armed with pinnies of different colors. Fifty yards away nine cones will be assembled, mimicking a tic-tac-toe board. Each team’s goal is to get three in a row any way they can- individual members can even switch locations of the pinnies they put on the cones. Sound complicated??? See below for a demonstration.

 The Balloon Game

Alright, so it’s 90 degrees outside, and your team is getting a little tired. Why night spruce it up with a little balloon game? Simply line a bunch of red solo cups on the edge of a table, and have your players blow as a big of a bubble as they can to try and knock all of them down! 

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