The Scouting Advantages of Krossover Football


Whether you just started using Krossover or have been a customer for years, it’s important to get the lay of the land when it comes to getting the most out of your investment.

While we love making highlight reels for your players to blast on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, we know the real reason you’re on Krossover: to scout smarter. On that note, here’s how our newest tool, Krossover Insights, helps you get a leg up on your opponents.

The Benefits of Krossover Insights

Krossover Insights has big benefits for coaches who are willing to use it. Think about the average high school team. You play your game Friday night, and most coaches spend their entire weekend breaking down the film piece by piece. Now with Krossover Insights, a coach can upload the film and spend the entire weekend diving into advanced scouting tools, like aggregated tendency reports, to gather just about everything that can be learned from an opponent.

Advanced Scouting

red zone insights

The screenshot above is a great example of how deep you can go in Insights. A coach can glean a ton of information from this, including:

In the red zone, this opponent tends to favor the run over the pass by a count of 88% to 12%. Not only that, but this particular team loves to run to the left. Are they successful? Not necessarily. They only averaged 2.4 yards per carry. If I’m a defensive coordinator, I’m much more likely to bring that extra cornerback up a little bit to prevent a running back from hitting the corners for a touchdown.

This is where Insights has an advantage as a self-scout tool. As a coach, you can see where you’re becoming predictable.

Let’s take it even further. How can we figure out the tendencies of a team that primarily uses the spread? Consider this situation below:

fb insights 22

We’ve checked off SE Trips, Twins, and an empty set backfield to simulate a spread formation. What’s even more interesting is by using the down-and-distance toggles, we can see that this spread formation wasn’t used very often - only 36 out of 623 plays! And if we use the field position filter, we can see this was a formation not used often in the red zone.

insights fb 11

Why is this important as a coach? Once you get to the playoffs (and plenty of our Krossover users have) your opponents have plenty of film on you. Insights provides you a way to look at your film in a different light and answer the question, “How can I be unpredictable?”

Combining Insights with traditional Krossover features lets you use custom tags to label plays in your own terminology, create reels to display in film sessions, and share your telestrations and notes to get the rest of your staff on the same page.

Here’s how one of our football coaches described the advantage given to them by Krossover Insights.

Jay Alderson / Christ the King Catholic

The ability to instantly know which formations were effective, which zones of the field we were able to control, and which plays and formations we tend to run in certain situations allowed us to keep our game plans fresh and renewed on a weekly basis. This caused our opponents to continually guess at what would be coming.

Often times as a coach I find myself seeing the game differently when I watch it on film than I remember it happening during the game. Krossover's ability to rapidly research individual players' capabilities, as well as the checking accuracy of our statistician, gave me an enhanced ability to determine the best path forward for our program.

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