Saving Money for Your Athletic Department

What can you do with all the money you save using Krossover Film Room?

How to Save Money For Your Athletic Department

We understand the tightrope coaches have to walk when trying to improve their team. You want the best breakdown possible so your team can get more wins, but with your school tightening the budget, you can only spend a certain amount of money on your film breakdown.

Our competitors can charge anywhere from $400 to well into the thousands, costing you valuable dollars that you could use to improve your program.

With a tight budget, a coach needs to maximize all the resources he can get in order to hold the best film sessions. Coaches will be delighted to know that Krossover offers our Film Room platform to coaches. The Krossover Film Room allows coaches to share, store, and show your own game film, and gives them access to new film session tools that allow teams to trim, tag, and telestrate clips.

Unlimited film storage for your games, plus extra space for scouting your opponents? All for the price of... A breath of fresh air? It’s true. So what your team could purchase will all that money you’ve saved?

What To Do With the Money You Save

An iPad or other tablet to better integrate your team's video technology

By saving over $1000 with Krossover Film Room, you’ll be able enhance your team’s film sessions even further. Buy a few iPads for your team to allow some of your assistants to break down film in their spare time, or even to access film during the pre-game for bonus scouting.

Multiple Krossover game breakdowns

At $50 per game, you can purchase a whole season of breakdowns for the money you’d save with Krossover Film Room. Imagine having your entire season at your fingertips - you can individually tag every one of your players and every single play to your liking, giving you the best scouting report in your league.

Wearables to go further into data for your team

Want to take a deeper dive into data for your team? With the money you save, you’ll be able to buy wearables for a few athletes, helping them learn about their physical fitness, and preventing injury in the process. Combine it with your Krossover film study to find out their most productive places on the court or on the field in order to game plan accordingly.

New uniforms

High school and college athletes love the latest fashion, so coach, why not update your uniforms with all the money you saved? Heck, you might even be able to get the cool uniforms like the top Division 1 programs wear…

A nice team dinner

Your team works hard during the year, and your players are burning calories like there’s no tomorrow each day. Reward them with a dinner at the best restaurant in town, and let them get anything they want. You’ll find a team “hungry” after dinner for more film study!

Athletic Directors:

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