Questions Soccer Coaches Should Ask In The Offseason


May 10, 2017 #soccer #Tips for Coaches

We know it might be weeks, even months until the season starts for some soccer teams (and some of you have already started the season), but they say championships are won in the offseason. 

It might be hard to think of things 4-5 months from now, but the fact of the matter is that as a coach, you need to be prepared for anything and everything before the season starts. Here are some questions soccer coaches should be thinking about during the offseason.

What’s My Budget?

Unfortunately for soccer coaches, this is the first thing that a coach needs to be thinking about. Without it, you can’t buy new uniforms, update old training equipment, or travel long distances to play great teams. You need to work with your athletic director months in advance on the budget and figure out where you’re losing money (or gaining it) and work with your booster club to find out the needs of your program. You don’t want it to be a few weeks before the season, and you lack the right uniforms for your players.

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What’s the Makeup of My Team Next Year?

You will never have 100% of your team returning. There are always players who leave, whether through graduation, injury, playing other sports, or the fact that they don’t have the desire for soccer anymore. It’s up to you to figure that out immediately, or as close to immediately after the season ends. If you know who will be returning, you’re going to be more effective in crafting a formational scheme that fits the talent that you have, rather than forcing something on your players right before the season starts. Additionally, you can go into tryouts with a much clearer idea of who you might need to fit your formation, rather than exhaust your time going through a rundown of every player.

Have I Taken a Break?

This might shock you, but coaches are workaholics by nature. You probably put in multiple 70-80 hour workweeks during the season and are probably experiencing some burnout. It’s time to take a break. Go on a vacation. Clock out when the bell rings. Free your mind. You’ll be a much better coach if you learn to breathe a little bit, and your players will thank you for it. 

How Am I Staying Ahead of My Opponents?

Because of the fluid nature of the game, soccer teams tend to be last when it comes to innovation in their game breakdown tactics. How can you get that edge? Well, it starts and ends with Krossover. We tag every single possession and player so you can get a clear picture of what happened during the games and can get the exact clips you need for a film breakdown session. Not only that, but our interactive shot chart shows where both you and your opponents are generating the most shots, helping you to adjust your schemes on the fly. It’s time to streamline your game film and give your players that tactical edge they need. Sign up for Krossover today! 

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