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Krossover Lacrosse Insights offers shot charts and data visualizations to help your team get More Wins!

Thanks to Krossover Insights, you'll be able to identify team strengths, keep track of useful trends, and exploit opponent tendencies all season long through shot charts and data visualizations. Check out the sneak preview below, and look for Krossover Insights in your account this coming season.

Not on Krossover yet? Coaches who schedule a demo today will receive a 1-game free trial, which includes game film tagging, advanced stats, and interactive shot charts all done for you!

Evaluate custom team shooting performances by location on the field

Krossover Insights will allow coaches to customize the shooting data they are looking for with a click of a button. Upon dragging your mouse over a specified location on the field, all the shooting data, including the Hex Bin Shot Chart, adjusts to display that zone. Insights will provide comprehensive, season-long data. Now it’s up to you to win with it!

Evaluate custom team shooting performance by player or opponent

Select a specific player, a specific opponent, or a group of opponents to filter your performance data even further.

Filter by situation

Quickly look at scenarios like man-up situations.

Display graphs and charts for shot distance and shot result

Easily spot trends in your shooting data, and see what proportion of your shots are going in, getting blocked, or missing the net.

Add any group of shots to a highlight reel

Simply select the shots you want to watch and click "Create Reel" to save them to a playlist for later viewing.

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