Krossover Success Story: Australian And Chinese Champions


Every basketball program, be it at the amateur or professional level, has hurdles to clear. For some collegiate coaches, limitations on practice and meeting times present significant challenges. For professional coaches, who are constantly shuffling the personnel deck with new players and assistants, continuity proves to be the most challenging. Kennedy Kereama, the head coach of New Zealand's women's national basketball team (The Tall Ferns), believes that Krossover has alleviated some of the issues surrounding preparation. 

Tall Ferns small

"The most satisfying thing about the (Krossover) software is that players are probably watching just as much tape as us coaches, they are hungry to get better, they want to improve and perform at their best. So they often come to us asking questions about themselves or the opposition constantly asking for feedback.”

Kereama coaches both in New Zealand and Australia, leading a team just outside of Melbourne (Sunbury). With both teams, he's found that the ease of the Krossover platform, particularly in its mobile app, has translated to players fully buying into the product's benefits. As for the coaching staff, the #KrossoverEffect is on clear display Down Under. "Krossover has given us the ability to find these tendencies easier than editing game tape yourself," remarked Kereama. 

1pcfm9.gifWith that burden lifted off of the coaching staff, more time has now been carved out for player development and in-game strategy. Since he began using Krossover with the Sunbury Jets, his team has won an astounding 34 straight games. Their success, particularly on the defensive end (pictured below), has catapulted them to the highest level of women's basketball in Victoria. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.40.11 PM.pngKrossover is proud to announce that the Xinjiang Flying Tigers cut down the nets as the Chinese Basketball Association champions in 2017. It was the franchise's first championship, and it was aided, in part, by the Krossover platform. Yan Yuanzhe, an assistant coach in charge of advanced scouting and video analysis for the Flying Tigers, extolled the virtues of our product. "There was such a big change as soon as we began using Krossover," said Yuanzhe. 

1pci9i.gifThe coaching staff was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the players acknowledged that the Krossover platform held the key to the team's pursuit of a title. "We would be talking about stats during meetings, before games, basically implying that the stats tell players the truth, like evidence. They accepted the stats because the stats don't lie," Yuanzhe told Krossover. 

1pch89.gifXinjiang is an incredible success story, and their meteoric rise to the top of the CBA is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with the right tools. Xinjiang is the western outpost of the CBA, nearly 3,400 miles removed from the bustling streets of Beijing. That's 700 miles farther than the distance between New York City and Los Angeles. Despite the geographical isolation, they were able to utilize the most sophisticated tools the game of basketball has to offer. The intuitive software provided by Krossover streamlined the entire overhaul of the Flying Tigers' video and stats department. 

Flying Tigers

"The shot charts were the most useful because nothing was lost in translation. Whether you are a coach or a player, you can take away strengths just by looking at it. The same goes for finding those shooting hot spots. My personal favorite was how we could identify a major 'effort' stat - how often we were contesting shots." 

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