Krossover or Hudl for Basketball?

With basketball season approaching quickly, you're running out of time to make the switch. If we haven't convinced you by now, maybe some of our coaches who have been in your shoes can!
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“Saves time on everything…”

Switching over from Hudl to Krossover was the best decision we ever made as a staff. It saves time on everything from clipping films to building highlights. It allows me to coach more and, even more importantly, spend more time with my family at home.
   ---Chris Yarbrough / Northview HS (GA)
Making the switch from Hudl was a no-brainer. Hudl was nice, but for only a little more of an investment, I can now get a lot of the work done for me from Krossover.
   ---Jeff Bell / Fond Du Lac HS (WI)
Easy switch. The time Krossover saves us in breakdown, stats, film, etc. is without a doubt reason enough to make the switch. I am looking forward to being more efficient as a coaching staff because we can spend more time on preparing for upcoming games since we don’t have to take time to break down a film and stat it ourselves.
   ---Richard Berry / Cameron HS (MO)
With Krossover, I get to spend my time analyzing my film instead of breaking it down. Being able to spend the time on getting better is much more valuable than spending the time editing film.
   ---Travis Turgeon / Isle Secondary School (MN)
When I got on Hudl that first time and realized I had to cut it into clips myself, I said no thanks.
   ---Nick Rathgeb / Petersburg Porta HS (IL)
My time is precious. I can’t put a price on spending time with my children.
   ---Chad Elston / Windom Senior HS (MN)

“It makes our team more efficient…”

The ease in which we can pull up specific clips makes our team more efficient in film study. In 10 minutes spent on Krossover, we can get done what took us 30 minutes to do with Hudl. When I finished the demo with Krossover, I immediately filled out a PO to get it for our kids and staff.
   ---Richard Berry / Cameron HS (MO)
Krossover actually does something with the film that helps me and my players. They take it to the next level. The players watch more film now, since it is easy for them to get in and pull up just their plays.
   ---Nick Rathgeb / Petersburg Porta HS (IL)
I want our athletes to watch as much film as possible, and this makes it easy for them to do so.
   ---Chad Elston / Windom Senior HS (MN)

“The depth of statistics and analytics that Krossover provides is greater than anything Hudl offers.”

I also like the different stats that Krossover calculates for me, such as FG%, efficiencies, and the shot chart. We played zone a lot last year, so being able to look at the shot chart for where we were giving up 3-point shots was crucial. Krossover gets me that feedback before our next game every time. I can see the other team’s shooting percentage or offensive rebounds and know what we need to do better.
   ---Nick Rathgeb / Petersburg Porta HS (IL)
Hudl was helpful early on, but when I saw the additional tools that Krossover had, the decision was easy. Krossover is like having another assistant coach at your fingertips. The scouting is truly the best tool they offer, where you can break down any player at any point of the game.
   ---JB Suiter / Union Hill MS (TN)
Also, the interactive shot chart is an amazing feature that was a huge selling point for me. Additionally, the stats are a relief as now I can have my assistant coaches at the game focus on other things to help us win.
   ---Jeff Bell / Fond Du Lac HS (WI)
The depth of statistics and analytics that Krossover provides is greater than anything Hudl offers. I would go back and watch each clip and stat each and every play for the entire time. I know there were times I misclassified the stats. Krossover doing all of that for me, in addition to actual analytics, made the switch a no-brainer.
   ---Nick Juby / Kingman HS (AZ)
Also, we have been able to rely on the stats from our game breakdown to verify our game night stats and ensure our team and player stats are as accurate as they’ve ever been. This provides peace of mind if our high school statisticians make a mistake, which can so often happen. The statistical analysis provides similar information to what college and NBA teams are utilizing.
   ---Tyler Bormann / Breckenridge Senior HS (MN)

“I was wasting money using Hudl.”

Hudl was very frustrating. When I spend money to use a product, I want it to be sufficient and productive. Hudl was not. It was also impossible to break down three to four games a week on Hudl. My decision came down to using Krossover or doing my own video editing on iMovie, because I was wasting money using Hudl.
   ---Chad Elston / Windom Senior HS (MN)
I have used Hudl before and thought the program was nice for film breakdown, but took a lot of time. I was spending hours of time just breaking down my own film and that didn’t even include looking at the film for changes and improvements my team could make.
   ---Travis Turgeon / Isle Secondary School (MN)

“…program’s first state tournament appearance in 36 years”

After sitting through a webinar showing me what Krossover had to offer, I was sold. I approached our booster club about supporting the purchase and laid out how I felt it would help us be more efficient, and ultimately more successful. With last season culminating in the program’s first state tournament appearance in 36 years, I’d say Krossover assisted in making that happen.
   ---Tyler Bormann / Breckenridge Senior HS (MN)

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