Krossover Insights: Rosen vs. Darnold


Krossover Insights provides football teams with interactive tendency reports and charts. This invaluable tool makes preparing for your opposition easier, while giving your program a higher level of visual analysis than ever before.

With Insights you can view detailed percentages on the volume of passes that traveled a particular distance, as well as the completion percentage from specific areas. Coaches are able to filter by down, distance, hash, and formation - in order to game plan more effectively. Stay ahead of your opponents with Krossover Insights and stop a big play before it happens.

In the coming months the Rosen-Darnold debate will rage among draftniks, scouts and fans alike. Let's take a look at the two quarterbacks using Insights. And what better game to dissect than the November 18th meeting between the Bruins and Trojans.Rosen DarnoldThe Crosstown Rivalry and the coveted Victory Bell may have gone to Trojans in 2017, but a closer inspection of the game film reveals more about the upside of Josh Rosen than it does about Sam Darnold. The Trojans' quarterback finished 17-for-28 for 264 yards and an interception. Josh Rosen, on the other hand, threw for 421 yards and three touchdowns, completing 32 of his 52 attempts. One interesting dataset, that can be created using Krossover Insights, was the quarterbacks' performance on third and long (7+). Here's a visualization of Darnold's night against the UCLA defense:

Darnold Passing MapAs you can see, when USC was behind the sticks, Darnold targeted deep shots along the right sideline. He was 0-for-3 with an interception when targeting receivers beyond 15 yards around the numbers, and 0-for-4 overall. Identifying patterns and clusters is just one way a defensive coordinator can tailor a scheme to stop an opponent. Once you identify hot spots on a passing map, you can then click into the play and watch the trimmed clip. Let's take a look at Darnold's pass that was intercepted in the second quarter.

It was abundantly clear that Darnold struggled in third-and-long scenarios, particularly when the pocket broke down. His counterpart wasn't perfect in similar situations, but the numbers and visualization bear out that Rosen was a cut above. The Bruin gunslinger finished 5-for-12 for 75 yards with four drive-extending conversions. His passing map also highlights the fact that he was comfortable throwing to different levels across the field. Have a look at his pass distribution.  

Josh Rosen Passing ChartDelivering under pressure, both situational from a down-and-distance perspective and against six and seven men blitzes, is a key indicator of potential success at the next level. One pass, in particular, stood out from this game, a 3rd-and-12 during the Bruins' two-minute drill to end the first half. Rosen stands tall in the pocket, delivers a strike with a defender bearing down on him and moves the chains. 

This is just one example of how you can slice and dice big data into teachable moments both for your coaching staff and your players. Imagine what you could accomplish with this technology? 

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