Krossover Custom Highlights


What is Krossover Custom Highlights?

Coaches and athletes that have their basketball or lacrosse games broken down by Krossover can now create professional-quality highlights straight from their account. It now takes just a few clicks to capture all of your best clips, add music and graphics, and get an awesome highlight delivered to you via email. To get started, just log in to your account and click the Custom Highlights "Order Now" button when prompted.

For the automated highlights, how are the clips chosen by Krossover?

Our automated system makes sure to include a variety of different types of shots if possible (3-Pointers, jumpers, lay-ups, and dunks). Free throws are not included. For Team Game/Season Highlights, every player who made a shot will be included once before anybody else is showcased for a second time. We cannot guarantee a certain play from the game/season will be included, as everything is chosen by our automated system.

How many clips can I include if I make a Custom Reel?

Custom Reels can accommodate up to 25 clips. If you would like more than 25 clips, simply create multiple custom reels. 2 separate reels can support up to 50 clips (25 in each), etc.

What does each type of highlight cost?

Season Highlights - $49.99

Custom Reel - $29.99

Single Game Highlight - $19.99

When I click "Order Now," there is an error message that says, “No data found” and to contact support.

This error rarely occurs. There may be issues with the specific game film[s] or account. Please call 888-339-5395 for further assistance.

Can I make a highlight video from last season?

Yes. You can create a Custom Reel featuring last season’s games. Our Season Highlights are set to capture games from the current season only.

As a coach, how do I order a game highlight of just one athlete, not my entire team?

Login through the specific athlete’s account (by getting their credentials) and order a highlight from their account.


In a coach’s account, use the filter tool to compile only the clips in which the athlete is tagged. Then, save the Reel featuring the athlete. Once saved, find your new Reel under “Reels” on the Film Home, click that Reel and order by clicking the button on the top right of the screen.

Can I order an automated season highlight for an individual player from my coach’s account?

You cannot - if you order a Season Highlight from a coach’s account, it will be a Team Season Highlight. However, if you log in to the athlete’s account, you can order the Season Highlight featuring just that player from there.

I have a player who quit midway through the season and don’t want them included in my highlight. How can this be done?

In this case, you would have to create a Custom Reel and only include plays not featuring this particular player.

Can I have other aspects of my game (rebounding, assists, steals etc.) included in my video?

Our automated Season Highlights only include made shots from each game that has been uploaded and broken down for this current season. Single Game Highlights also only include made shots. If you would like to create a highlight reel that shows more than just made shots, you will want to create a Custom Reel by choosing your own clips and then ordering that reel.

Can you edit the clips to be longer/shorter?

No. Our highlight product is an automated system that trims each clip to be 10 seconds in length to capture action before and after the main action of the play (the made shot, the steal, the block, etc).

How long is each type of highlight?

Season Highlights - up to 30 clips @10 sec/clip = ~5 mins

Custom Reel - up to 25 clips @ 10 sec/clip = ~4 mins

Single Game Highlight - up to 20 clips @ 10 sec/clip = ~3+ mins

I don’t want a single game or a season long highlight - just some clips from 3 or 4 games. I can’t find anywhere how to order something like this.

In this case, you would want to create a Custom Reel, in which you can compile clips from the games of your choosing. Once all of the clips are in the reel, go to that reel and click “Order Now” on the upper right-hand corner or your screen.

I want to include stats or comments of the team/player featured in the highlight. How can I do this?

When you click "Order Now," you are brought to the "Customize Your Intro" page. Here, there are lines of text that are editable where you are free to include any statistics/comments that you'd like. (Be aware of the character limit.)

Is there any way to remove the audio from the video so that you don’t hear the bleachers?

If the video was uploaded with audio, there is no way to remove it. You have the option to add background music at checkout, which can help to drown out the crowd noise.

Can I create a highlight from clips I edited in the Film Editor?

No, the film editor does not translate into highlights.

If I make telestrations on my reel/game will those be included in the highlight video?

Currently, our telestration tool transfers the spot shadow feature only. It works best with clips that are in 720p and for sports like Lacrosse, where a player may need to be isolated due to the camera's distance from the field. 

I am a lacrosse player or coach and I added a spot shadow on one of my clips, but the spot shadow in that clip was inaccurate in my highlight. What happened?

Low film quality sometimes causes the spot shadow feature to land elsewhere. We recommend using clips that are in 720p or above. You can add 480p clips in your highlight, but you should refrain from using spot shadows on those clips.

I am a Football/Volleyball/Soccer player or coach and would like to create a highlight video, how can I do this?

Currently, we provide Krossover Highlights for basketball and lacrosse. We are working to build highlights for our other sports and will be releasing them soon.

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