Interactive Tendency Reports and Charts for Football Coaches


Krossover Insights provides interactive tendency reports and other insightful charts that will help you evaluate your team and your opponents on both sides of the ball.

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Filter By Pass Location or Target

Customize the pass locations or targets you want to see. Drag your mouse and view detailed percentages on the volume of passes that went to a particular distance, as well as the completion percentage from specific areas on the field. Now you'll know the right routes to run and the optimal receiver to target in every situation.

Filter Tendencies By Down, Distance, Hash, and Formation

View the tendency heat map to figure out your opponent's favorite areas to throw or pass to, allowing you to game plan effectively and adjust your formations to stop a big play before it happens.

Filter Positional Rushing Tendencies

You can use this tool to go beyond the skill positions and take a deeper dive into an opponent’s offensive line, in order to find out who the running back ran off of to get his yards. Filter by formation to teach your team to spot an offensive line’s tendencies, so they can stop the running back before he gets a key block from the All-State center.

Filter Rushing Tendencies by Field Position

Take a further look at where an opponent rushed most effectively - was it in the red zone? Did they produce the most yards per play from the 40’s? Combine this filter with any other to see the change in rushing trends depending on down and distance situations.

Aggregate Opponent Tendencies from Multiple Scout Games

We kept hearing from our coaches that this tool would be even more useful if it could combine data from multiple scout films into one report. Therefore, we took that feedback and built a brand new data visualization for you. Krossover Insights will now allow you to compile all of your scouting data from multiple games into a single interactive tendency report.

Now you can gain even more insight into your opponent’s game by aggregating their tendencies against multiple opponents in one report.

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