Interactive Heat Maps and Charts for Volleyball Coaches

Better data visualizations for your team are on the way!

Our Volleyball Insights technology has some pretty awesome implications for our volleyball coaches. Our data visualizations will provide interactive heat maps and other insightful charts that will help you evaluate the tendencies and hitting efficiencies for your team and your opponents.

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Season-Long Shot Data in Heat Maps

View aggregate season-long shot data in the form of heat maps. The heat map will show the volume of shots going to any region of the floor. Filter the data by multiple dimensions including player, opponent, attack result, and location.

Filter Tendencies By Rotation

Filter shot chart data by rotation or opponent rotation, in order to view trends and hitting efficiency in specific rotations.

Discover Tendencies by Location

Drill down to view heat maps of specific locations on the floor - either for attack start or finishing position. Combine as many dimensions as required to discover trends and tendencies on the fly.

Volleyball Coaches:

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