Important Stats for Volleyball Coaches

The numbers that make a difference on the court.

Our Director of Volleyball Analytics went through some of the more intriguing statistical metrics that Krossover keeps track of for our volleyball customers. Our findings show these stats are extremely instrumental in determining a team’s overall success.

Don’t get caught up keeping stats by hand during the game. You should be focused on coaching the team. Krossover will automatically track and calculate all the important numbers for you. Coaches who schedule a demo today will receive a 1-match free trial, which includes tagging, rotation tracking, and advanced stats done for you!

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Take a look below to see some of the advanced volleyball analytics and stats we track. Plus, get our take on why they’re critical to a team's success on the court.

Point-Scoring Percentage

The fraction of rallies where a team served and went on to win the point. This is a direct gauge of your team’s ability to score points when they are serving. This statistic can give valuable information about your serving, blocking, general floor defense, and transition offense. A team with a good point-scoring percentage is performing well in one or more of these areas.

First Ball Kill Percentage

Percentage of serve receptions in which an immediate side-out is scored on the first attempt to attack. This stat illustrates how well each player sets up your team for success (through their passing) in side-out situations. Knowing your players First-Ball Kill Percentages becomes extremely valuable when choosing which rotations you decide to match up against your opponent’s best servers.

Net Points per Rotation

Net points gained and lost for each rotation. This stat is basically a reflection of the effectiveness of a particular rotation. It combines both the efficiency at which your team regains service (side-out), and their ability to continually score points with the serve (Point-Scoring).

Total Errors per Set

The average number of combined errors committed by your team for sets won by your team, lost by your team, and overall. Consistency and momentum are two of biggest factors to winning. Therefore limiting mistakes, and subsequently maintaining service, will likely result in your team having more success. It will almost always be the case that your Total Errors will be lower for sets that you win than for those that you lose.

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