Get Recruited From a Small School for Volleyball


You don’t have to go to a big high school to get the attention of top college programs. Just ask Barrett Guttell. The senior hitter comes from St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, a small K-12 school with 900 students.

Guttell didn’t let the small stature of her school, or her own size deter her. In fact, she committed to Ole Miss during her sophomore year of high school, a decision that only helped improve her game as she grew older.

“Once I committed, I felt less pressure, and less stress,” she said. “I was able to take more challenging classes, and my stats on the volleyball court improved as well.”

Not only that, but she had to learn new positions as well. Guttell also plays on a club team in Austin, and the relative size of the team caused her to learn both the libero and outside hitter positions. She will be playing libero at Ole Miss next fall. Guttell sees learning two positions as an advantage.

“Hitters are usually taller, but playing the hitter role has helped me learn how to anticipate plays with my club team- I know exactly what the hitter will do.”

Guttell started her recruiting process early. Her free periods during her freshman year were spent reaching out to Division 1 coaches through email, talking about daily life and volleyball. She had attended a few camps, and went on a couple of visits to colleges, and fell in love with Ole Miss. Not only that, but the previous coaching staff was fired after her freshman year, giving her an opportunity to impress a whole new staff.

“I fell in love with the campus. The coaches are family-oriented, and I love the team and their future plans,” Guttell said. She was equally ecstatic about the opportunity to help build the “underdog” Lady Rebels volleyball team.

Video Is The Key To Improvement

There’s a reason Guttell had the opportunity to end her recruiting process well before her peers took their SAT’s: she watched a lot of film, and she was active in promoting herself.

Guttell developed a website after her freshman year showcasing a skills video and other personal information allowing college coaches to view her in action, thereby increasing the chance she would receive an offer.

She developed these videos by relentlessly going over the film, watching herself over and over in the hopes of finding different aspects that could help improve her game.

So far, Krossover film has helped everyone. The Lady Crusaders are currently 11-5 at the time of this article’s publication - a remarkable 8-game  improvement over last season, when the team went 3-15.

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Check out some of Barrett’s 2016 highlights below!

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