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As you know, I’ve eagerly reached out a few times about opportunities to improve our team’s weekly workflow. I preach preparedness to my kids, but feel that as a coach, I could be doing a lot more for them. I’ve been denied requests for lots of things - from equipment, to an activities budget, to video software. I understand that because my hockey team’s participation numbers aren’t as high as our football team, that you can’t allocate the same resources to us - but I think I might have found a solution. 

Krossover just launched a free product called Film Room that will give us unlimited film storage for our games, as well as the ability to share video with our players and swap scouting games with other teams in our conference. Plus, they have a video editor that will let me and the other coaches find important clips and label them however we want. That way, when it’s time to have a film session, we can call up all of our zone entries or power plays - complete with notes and telestrations that will help our players learn.

They’ll let us come on as an individual team for free, which would be great. But they’re also offering school-wide deals, where every team at our school can get on board, and then the football, basketball, lacrosse, and volleyball teams can get discounted full-service game breakdowns, where Krossover will do the analysis for them.

If we did this, we’d be able to stop investing so much for the football team’s Hudl subscription and adding on other teams for a couple hundred bucks apiece. It seems crazy to keep paying just to store, exchange, and edit film when we could be getting those features for free with this Film Room product. Why not save the money and then reinvest it into those new uniforms that we badly need? Or maybe on registration for that coaches clinic in the fall that I’ve been asking about?

The bigger teams at the school will save money as well, and they would be able to buy advanced breakdowns from Krossover that would help out the entire staff tremendously.

Anyway, I think it’s definitely worth looking into. You can sign up to get more info on their website - or just let me know if you want me to go ahead and set something up.

Thanks for your consideration.

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