Advanced Metrics in Soccer


The analytics movement has swept the sports world into a frenzy, starting with baseball and trickling down to basketball, and even encompassing football and lacrosse. Coaches are looking for that extra edge, both in how they identify players and in general in-game formation strategy.

Slowly but surely, this analytics craze is expanding to soccer. Proponents of “the beautiful game” are said to be resistant to analytics due to the fluid nature of soccer, and many statisticians question certain soccer analytics, as they are said to be biased towards strikers and scorers. But here at Krossover, we always think it’s important to combine the eye test with the story the stats are telling.  

Here are a few soccer statistics that you should be tracking, and that Krossover Soccer enables you to quickly calculate as a part of our full-service game film breakdown platform.

Total Shots Ratio

This statistic is one of the oldest when it comes to soccer metrics. Total shots ratio is described as the percentage of shots taken by a team in games that they played. If your team’s TSR is 75%, that means you're generating three-quarters of the offense throughout the season, and there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to end up with a winning record.

Expected Goals

This statistic is still in its infancy, but expected goals has become an interesting way to track player performance. Here is a lengthy explanation of the complex calculation.


PDO is a hockey stat that can be translated to soccer. The way it is calculated is 10*(shooting percentage + save percentage). While some football analysts have debated its actual effectiveness, PDO can be a good indicator of how a team will perform throughout the season. Richard Whittall goes on a deeper dive for PDO here. This statistic can be derived from our platform.

Crosses / Key Passes

Quite simply, a key pass is one that leads to a shot. The pass could be made from the defensive side of the pitch, or could be a simple touch pass that the receiving player takes sixty-five yards for a shot outside the 18-yard box. Even the great players rely on a key pass to put them in position to score… so we help answer who made that key pass, and where did they pass it from.

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