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Krossover is made up of a passionate, fun, and diverse 80-person team, focusing on design, development, sales marketing, operations, and customer support.

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vasu kulkarni headshot new

Vasu Kulkarni

Founder, Chief Intern
S'all for the love of the game.

Hoops junkie, tech entrepreneur, startup investor, watch enthusiast, incredibly picky eater, and always at your local pickup run.

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John Mathew

Chief Operations Officer
People who work together...

Musician, serial startup exec, data & tech freak and father of 2 boys hailing from the NYC.

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Eric Perugini

VP of Business Development
Allow me to reintroduce myself

Abandoned corporate America for startup life. Self-admitted travel junkie and sports enthusiast who will try (almost) anything once.

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alicia quintero headshot new

Alicia Quintero

VP of Client Relations
How can I help you?

First Lady of Krossover. Cali native. Problem solver. Sports addict.

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josh waller headshot

Josh Waller

VP of Sales & Marketing
Good, Better, Best

Responsible for making Krossover grow - by any means necessary. I like my cheddar sharp or in my wallet.

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Design & Development

Luis' Headshot

Luis Mendoza

Creative Director
"Luis Mendoza. Miami, Florida." - D2 Mighty Ducks

Parson's Graduate, New York local, I dislike driving.

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terren suydam headshot

Terren Suydam

Director of Backend Engineering
Voice activated and biodegradable

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu addict, ping-pong artist, chess-master wannabe

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Fahad Quraishi

Product Manager
Trying To Make Lives Easier

It's all about the New York Knicks, UX design, hip hop, philosophy, and Mexican food.

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Tanveer Chowdhury

Product Manager
Do useful things

Passionate about building useful products and solving problems in people's lives using technology. Into biking, arts and all things nice.

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Jared Head Shot

Jared Kuitems

Stats & Indexing Specialist
There's No 'I' in Team!

Texas Longhorns and Pittsburgh Penguins fanatic. Fantasy junkie. Native to nowhere. I enjoy trying new restaurants and occasionally cooking.

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Joshua Banton

Devops Engineer
You can really taste the code!

Born and raised in Maine. Avid sports fan and pickup sports artist.

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Kevin Daniels

Android Developer
Buy nice or you buy twice.

FSU alumni and owner of two amazing dogs. Hobbies include origami, toothpick sculpting, photography, hiking, and basketball.


Matt Caggiano

F#$& Hudle

Design / Music / NYC / Beer / Tequila / Friends / Family / Sports / Books / Art / Vinyl

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Peter Kamaris

Software Engineer
Make it happen

New Yorker. Dominican and Greek. Die hard Knicks fan. Full time foodie.

randy cunningham headshot

Randy Cunningham

Graphic Designer
Keep It Simple, Stupid



Yang Liu

Application Support Engineer
Striker and Scorer!

Georgia Tech alum. A big fan of soccer and a creative scorer!

andrew bedick headshot

Andrew Bedick

Lead Tester

South Florida to Colorado to NY. HeatLifer GoBuffs

bernardo restrepo headshot

Bernardo Restrepo

Senior Software Engineer
It always seems impossible until it's done!

Perseverant, code ninja, software architect, dreamer. Soccer, beer and tacos enthusiast. Family guy. Se habla español!

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Dhruv Motiani headshot

Dhruv Motiani

Senior QA Engineer
Football is Life

This is my bio!


Tom Rusiecki

Full Stack Engineer
Keep it simple, but effective

Keep it simple, but effective

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Sangeetha Joy

Project Manager
Just get it done!

Project Manager by profession and a traveller at heart.

Sales & Marketing


Matt Talmage

Director of Marketing
What Would Messier Do?

Occasional songwriter, frequent pasta eater, unwavering Mets & Rangers fan. Proudly defending my title as 2015's grumpiest guy in the office. I have the 6 Train to thank for that award.

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sabrina labossiere headshot

Sabrina Labossiere

Director of Sales Development
I just want french fries

I <3 NY. Cheesehead. That means I'm a Packers fan. Used to be an athlete. I like purple.

tom gray headshot

Tom Gray

Director of Regional Sales
Become Comfortable being uncomfortable

Born in Long Island, raised in Buffalo. Hoops Junkie, Yankees, and Jets fan but... the Bills make me wanna shout!

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Dan Pesce

Assistant Director
Deep benches beat long odds!

Proud University of Dayton alum by way of Huntington, Long Island. #FlyerNation

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brett markowitz headshot

Brett Markowitz

Senior Account Executive
Chase perfection, we can catch excellence

Indiana University Alumni, life-long Green Bay Packers fan, classic rock lover

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Corey Grant

Senior Account Executive
7 days without a sandwich makes one weak

Born and raised on Long Island, NY. I am a University at Buffalo alum. I enjoy eating a lot of food and playing hockey.

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dan shirley headshot

Dan Shirley

Assistant Director
That's two thus far, shooter


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Ian Frazier

Assistant Director
We're Talking About Practice

VA to OH to NY. Ohio Bobcat. Offensive rebounding specialist.

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Adam Elmonairy headshot

Adam Elmonairy

Senior Account Executive
Down Goes Frazier!

New Jersey born and raised. Nova Nation grad. Gotta love The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

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Albert Chun

Senior Account Executive
No intensity, no victory

Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, preacher of the Iron Gods, 718 raised

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anthony lepore headshot

Anthony LePore

Senior Account Executive
Coach Lepore!

Jersey. Go Tigers.

anthony raia headshot

Anthony Raia

Account Manager
Parlays are for suckers

Giants, Yankees, Rangers, Florida State and long suffering Knicks fan. Pretend NFL scout.

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buddy carlisle headshot

Buddy Carlisle

Account Executive
Krossing Over From Coaching

Coached hoops at Clear Creek HS in Texas for 30 years. Been with Krossover since Feb, 2011. Married to Jenny & father to Kelsey & Kaleigh.

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Daniel Auguste

Speciality Sales Manager
Ball is Life

Seton Hall alum from Staten Island. Jets, Mets, Duke, and Lebron James fan. Basketball Golf and Video Games are What I Play

daniel gentile headshot

Daniel Gentile

Senior Account Executive
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Former Colgate baller, die hard for the Giants, Knicks, & Mets

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Jake Magida

Partnership Marketing Coordinator
A Jake of All Trades

Syracuse alum and unabashed Sixers fan.

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jake schwartz headshot

Jake Schwartz

Senior Account Executive
This is my motto!

This is my bio!


Nicholas Turi

Marketing Coordinator
Do You Respect Wood?

St. Johns and Northeastern alum. Yankees and NY Football Giants fan. Mediocre golf enthusiast

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Rudy Fraser

Sales Operations Manager
No more L's

Somewhere between Sales & Tech. music | poetry | cybersecurity South Jamaica Queens

will whitney headshot

Will Whitney

Account Management Specialist
Keep your cool

Native of the DMV. Music head, and appreciater of all the things.

areef atanda headshot.JPG

Areef Atanda

Account Manager
It's never too late to go with the flow

Director of Dopeness. Wizard fan. Mr. Alittlebitofeverything.

corey dalton headshot.JPG

Corey Dalton

Account Executive
Always Be Closing

Richmond, Virginia native. High Point University Alum. VCU Basketball and PGA Tour fanatic. Shooters keep shooting.

ian connor headshot.JPG

Ian Connor

Account Executive
You know nothing, Jon Snow

CT---VA---NY Go Jags

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Matt M

Matthew Melendez

Account Executive
It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

This is my bio. There are many like it, but this one is mine! University of Delaware '16, Music & New York Sports

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Brian M

Brian Meisner

Sales Account Coordinator
Failure Leads to Success

Front line of defense. Cubs. Duke. Raiders. A toast to bread, for without bread, there would be no toast.

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Mike Calabrese

Content Marketing Manager
Full Court Press Advocate

Sports guru and college fantasy football pioneer. Host of the podcast, Shooting The Breese, and long time bar trivia host.

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Bill Kimmel

Account Executive
If You Ain't First You're Last

UConn Huskies Alum '15. Bleed Blue. NYJ + NYK. Yes I know Guac is extra.


T.J. Reiersen

Account Executive
Sales, Sales, Sales

A University of Utah grad originally from Minnesota. He enjoys rock climbing, skiing, curling, and running. He is an avid hiker and camper as well.

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Operations & Support

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Sean MacLean

Director of Analytics
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Browns, Cavs, Indians, Buckeyes and Duke Basketball... it's been a good year. Strongly believe Analytics is the answer - worked in Banking, Advertisement and now Sports/Start-up Strategy

jake bogardus headshot

Jake Bogardus

Director of Indexing Operations
Group effort!

Upstate NY transplant in NYC. Cornell grad. Entrepreneurial mindset. Baseball enthusiast. In constant search of the perfect golf swing.

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miguel gutierrez headshot

Miguel Gutierrez

Operations Manager
I ate the whole thing...

Villanova alum. Foodie. Resident curler. Mariners, Mavericks, Texans, Lions, NYR fan. Aussie-born / NYC hell-raiser. May be a celebrity.

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moe headshot

Moe Htet Myint

Operations Specialist
Pounding the Rock

Villanova Grad, born in Myanmar. Loves hoops and soccer. Diehard Spurs and Villarreal fan. Gamer and esports enthusiast. May know a celebrity. <---

stacey schellong headshot

Stacey Schellong

Executive Assistant
Do or do not. There is no try.

Vermonter. University of New Hampshire Alumni. Easily bribed with food. Big fan of NY Giants and sleeping.

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derek rusniak headshot

Derek Rusniak

Client Relations Specialist

Binghamton University alumni, Mets, Giants, Rangers and Knicks fan.

rafa daniels headshot

Rofeal Daniels

Client Relations Manager
They say I'm awesome.

Detroit born, Louisiana educated - but don't judge me. Handsome billionaire. Exaggerator.

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rob james

Rob James

Client Relations Specialist
The secret is still work.

A fan who got too close to the stage. Basketball Jones.

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jimmy polet headshot

Jimmy Polet

Statistics Specialist
I'll dunk when its worth 3 points

Representing Division 3 from Hope College. Cleveland loyalist. Cavs nation. Basketball is life, except for when golf is life

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Pete Gaglio

Operations Support Manager
Detroit vs. Everybody

PoHo Michigan native. Spartan. Mud Hen. Fantasy Football Champion

sidharth kavalou headshot

Sidharth Kavalu

Operations Manager
Bangalore based aviator

Foodie and tech freak. Avid motorsports fan and Kawi rider. Spend most of my time playing FIFA when not finding missing scores or unrecognisable jersey numbers

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